Character breakdown trailer

brown Lần cập nhật cuối: 21/08/2013
Hey, Michelle here—Brown Paper Box Co. marketing director, resident dramaturg, and performer in our upcoming cabaret!

When describing CHARACTER BREAKDOWN, I’ve occasionally encountered confusion from people who are unfamiliar with musical theatre. “We’re all going to be ‘miscast,’ singing songs as characters we’d never be able to play onstage,” I would explain.

“Miscast?” some would reply. “Like…what?”

The performance below is the example I often give to send the concept home. It’s from our CHARACTER BREAKDOWN cabaret last spring, and it perfectly illustrates what we’re doing:

It’s a pretty safe bet that BPB Artistic Associate Stephanie Rohr will never get to play Joe in Show Boat. The gender, race, and voice parts of the performer and the character are completely incongruous. But that’s the sheer fun of a miscast cabaret—the singers get the chance to sing something they might otherwise never get to perform, and the audience has the opportunity to enjoy both classic and contemporary musical theatre favorites in a whole new way. (And doesn’t “Ol’ Man River” sound surprisingly lovely coming out of a red-headed soprano?)

That’s what CHARACTER BREAKDOWN is all about.

September 7th @ 8 PM
Davenport’s Piano Bar & Cabaret