From the BPBCo. Vault: “TO TREE’s” Theme

brown Lần cập nhật cuối: 02/04/2014

From The Brown Paper Box Co.’s vault: the theme to our world premiere of Aaron Golden‘s To Tree, written and performed by James Riley specifically for this production.

Director M. William Panek and Riley used Golden’s near-wordless prologue as the basis for what turned into To Tree‘s central musical theme, book-ending the 90-minute production.


(Prologue. Lights up on a grassy field in the country, midday June. Julian Fisher, 25, walks onstage. He finds center stage, stops, and releases a sigh. He takes off his clothing piece by piece, folding them into a pile by his side. When he gets to his boxers he moves to take them off, thinks twice, and decides not to. He looks stage right and slowly raises his arms. He holds for a beat, then shakes his head, turning to focus straight on the audience, arms at his sides. Music fades to low. Fish will stay like this for the remainder of the play, using only his voice, head movements, and facial expressions to communicate.)

Julian: If your third page feels like the tenth…

(With a last nod of his head and a sigh, music up to full, lights slowly fade. In the blackout, all of his clothing is removed from the stage. Music stops.)

Lance Newton (Julian)
Photo Credit: Eric Phillips
Chris Hart
(Pete), Playwright Aaron Golden,
M. William Panek, Scenic Designer Ian James Anthony, Lighting Designer Eric Phillips. Board Op Chad Shelton, Dramaturg Michelle Kritselis, Poster Designer Charlie Sheets,
Original Score James Riley