Get to Know ‘Rhoda’: Jillian Weingart

brown Lần cập nhật cuối: 17/02/2014

Full name? Jillian Kate Weingart

Where you were born/where you were raised? Crystal Lake, IL

Your role within the A NEW BRAIN family? Playing RHODA!

How would you describe your character? Gordo’s more professional best friend. Can be a bit of a hard ass when it comes to work but “Rhoda always knows!”  

In 5 words, how do you describe A NEW BRAIN? Zanny Bright Trippy Inspiring Tawdry (hahaha) 

How would you describe Bill’s writing? I would put his music right up there with Sondheim and Jason Robert Brown (Parade especially.) It PHYSICALLY has so many layers of music, that it gives you chills when you listen to it. Listening to “I Feel so Much Spring” on the subway is an experience. Do it. 

Fill in the blanks: ____Love_____ + ___Passion___ = a song.

What was your must-see TV show as a kid? Winnie the Pooh!

If you could be best friends with any cartoon character in the real world, who would it be? Daniel the Tiger

Who would play you in the Lifetime movie of your life? Ginnifer Goodwin

Special hidden talent? I can eat a whole pizza. Largest you got, I’ll eat it. 

Something you’re REALLY bad at? Using my gym membership.

Favorite Chicago neighborhood? West Loop!

Current local show you have been recommending to friends? Artistic Home‘s Cut to the Chase one act festival! Runs through January 25th!

Most played song on your iPod? “Perfume” by Brittney Spears

Pop culture guilty pleasure? True crime anything. I have stacks of books on famous murders. Always watching true crime tv. Is that pop culture? 

Three things you can’t live without? My planner. A physical one, not the one on my phone. MAC lipstick. Phone calls to my sister in Michigan 🙂

“I’ll never understand why… Speed cameras near parks and schools are active until 11pm. Are kids out playing till 11pm? Does 5 grade get out a bit later these days? Inform yourselves!”

Come see Jillian in William Finn and James Lapine’s A NEW BRAIN February 21 – March 9, 2014 at Rivendell Theatre. Ticketing and performance information can be found at The Brown Paper Box Co.’s site.

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