Get to Know ‘Roger’: Billy Dawson

brown Lần cập nhật cuối: 30/01/2014

Full name? William Thomas Dawson 

Where you were born/where you were raised?
Born in Florida. Raised in Fort Wayne (Weezy if you’re nasty), Indiana

Your role within the A NEW BRAIN family? Roger Delli-Bovi

How would you describe your character? Roger is patient, kind, understanding, funny, caring, romantic, faithful, intelligent, emotionally open, generous, a gifted sailor, an avid Banana Republic shopper, not afraid of a few rounds of karaoke after a couple of martinis, an all around dream boat (cheap “Sailing” reference).

In 5 words, how do you describe A NEW BRAIN? Heart, Music, Passion, Life, High-Notes

How would you describe Bill’s writing? Beautifully created through the eyes, and soul, of a grown-up-kid.

Fill in the blanks: ___________ + ___________ = a song. This isn’t fair! I want to say “Heart & Music” … So I will say “Heart & Sensible-Riff-Placement.”

What was your must-see TV show as a kid? Barney and Power Rangers for the win!

If you could be best friends with any cartoon character in the real world, who would it be? Olaf!

Who would play you in the Lifetime movie of your life? Cheyenne Jackson… obvi.

Special hidden talent? Walking in heels… HI MOM! 

Something you’re REALLY bad at?
Sewing… seriously, it’s sad.

Favorite Chicago neighborhood? Hogwarts?

Current local show you have been recommending to friends? All of them! Go support Chicago theatre and Chicago actors!

Most played song on your iPod? “Alleluia” by Eric Whitacre, “Set You Free” by Maya Azucena, and anything by our Lord and Savior, Beyoncé.

Pop culture guilty pleasure? RuPaul’s Drag Race. Except, I don’t feel guilty at all because it’s amazing.

Three things you can’t live without? Laughing until I cry, a good cup of coffee, and singing. 

“I’ll never understand why…
the Kardashians are a thing…”

Come see Billy in William Finn and James Lapine’s A NEW BRAIN February 21 – March 9, 2014 at Rivendell Theatre. Ticketing and performance information can be found at The Brown Paper Box Co.’s site.